EV Conversion Guide Part 7-------- Electric Motor & Adapter Plate-- Motor In Crate

New Motor In Crate
The ME1002 is a Series Wound DC motor perfect for lite truck and small car EV conversions. It is 10 inches in diameter, weighing 203 pounds. Continuous current of 200 amps, and 550 amps for 2 minutes. Voltages from 48 to 144 VDC. Efficiencies of up to 92%. Perfect for use with the Curtis 1231 Motor Control. The power is 26 KW (35 HP)continuous, and 63 KW (85 HP) peak. More powerful than the NetGain Warp 9 and ADC FB1-4001 motors.

Part 8: Electric Motor & Adapter Plate -- Motor Coupler

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