EVRIC - 11 - EV Conversion - Solar PV Array

When The EVRIC Electric Car is completed it will be powered by the sun...
January 10, 2010: This video is of the newly installed solar PhotoVoltaic system which has been installed on the roof of my house. Much of the power produced during the sunlight hours will be fed back into the grid. Two days ago, Eco Green Electrical installed a 1KW PV system on our roof. The job was started at around 3pm and finished at about 7:30pm. The temperature was around 40 degrees C for most of the time. They did a magnificent job. Thanks Dickson, Simmo and Trav.

Note: for those people who worked out each meter reading... yes, each reading was higher than the previous one. The reason for this was - the day was very, very hot and we were using the air-conditioned in the house in between video segments...

Update January 13, 2010
Today the ambient temperature was around 26 degrees C and I read an output from the PV array of around 935 Watts. This is very good, because our house is not pointing in the ideal direction (North), more like north-west.
I think the solar cells were under a bit of a strain and possibly the inverter as well, when the ambient was in the low 40's on the day the video was done.
More detail: www.evric.kestar.com.au
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