Extreme Weather: Climate Change in Action? (TalkScience@BL)

From record rainfalls to disastrous droughts, extreme weather seems to be on the rise, and climate change has been implicated as the culprit. What can scientists tell us? What do policymakers need to be told in order to make sound decisions? What role should the media play? Why, if we're already feeling the impacts of climate change, is so little being done about it?

At our 25th TalkScience event, Dr James Randerson (Assistant National News Editor, the Guardian) discusses the issues with Professor Stephen Belcher (Head of the Met Office Hadley Centre), George Marshall (Founder of the Climate Outreach & Information Network) and Bob Ward (Director of Policy & Communications at the Grantham Institute).



• Introduction (00:00:07)
• Science of Extreme Weather (00:03:15)
• Psychology of Extreme Weather (00:08:58)
• Politics of Extreme Weather (00:22:24)
• Panel discussion (00:38:21)
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