Fan Bedini Motor Stator Winding and Experience

in this video I'm showing the rewiring of a fan into bedini operation.

These are very easy to build. You don't have to take out the coil wires and rewire everything, but I prefer it since the original wires are very thin and won't carry much power.

In a late video I'll show you how you can build a powerful battery chargin Bedini motor while keeping the original coil wires on the stator.

The difficulty with keeping the existing wire depends on how easily one manages to dissasemble the stator from the casing and the wires from the PCB. Somethimes the wires get ripped off and are really too short to do anything with. Othertimew they're surrounded by a layer of wax of some sort and it's impossible to find the endings.

For small stator fans, if I can keep the original winding I'm adding an extra layzer of coils or an external one. This way the original winding only serve as pace maker for triggering the coils.
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