FAWT Silo (Fixed Axis Wind Turbine vawt plans savonius vertical axis hawt diy ametek green

http://vawt.tk or http://www.wrapwind.com
FAWT SILO is a fixed axis wind turbine but it uses lift based props, i have playing with this idea for few years now in my head, i decided to give it a go, it is at the begining stages and there alot of mods still to be done. the idea is to take the air from horizontal to a downward direction and at the same time is to totally hide the proppeler from view.
i am hoping and predicting that it will be 60% effecient VS the HAWT.
the first step is to build one 4 times as big where the top and bottom defflectors will be 4 feet in width.

i hop you enjoy this video and not shoot me down as much. think diffrent......

best regards
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