First Chris DIYer YouTube video!! DIY emergency power source using solar panels/batteries

UPDATE (Summer of 2016) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpxOT2YEy54

Works well. I even got a 100' heavy duty extension cord to power my neighbor next door if needed. Oklahoma absolutely sucks for anyone wanting to go "on-grid" and sell back power. So, designed and made this one off-grid for emergency power. Well, it works so well...I run it 24-7. Six Renogy 100D solar panels (600-850 watts at full sun). Power Bright 3500 watt power inverter. Tracer 30A solar charge controller with optional meter. Fuses, 12v battery bank (Wal Mart 28DC deep cycle marine) 8' grounding rods, smoke detector, fire extinguisher for safety. Leave me a comment/question if you want.

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