First real Free Energy Generator - Magnet motor - proven functionality

Before any comment, look at this additional video of this free energy device first https://youtu.be/xMR4AU5WhlY
This video of Free Energy Magnet Motor (free energy motor) is not like the others. There are three big proofs here. This Magnet Motor is REAL.

1. this free energy generator - magnet motor reacts on the strength of the magnetic field. The closer the magnet is, the faster it is spinning. The further the magnet is, the slower it is spinning. This generator doesn't have constant speed!

2. when i put the big neodym magnet in the middle of the magnet motor, the one is not spinning and the LED is neither shining nor blinking, because magnetic field affects all those magnets by the same strength which cannot cause any spin!

3. the LED is not shining constantly in very low speed. Simply, it is not possible due to way how is the energy produced by the motor. The slower it spins the slower the LED blinks. Every single blink is how rotor magnet goes over the stator coils. Simply said, the LED cannot be shining constantly during whole range of speed.

If there had been some reed relay + battery, the generator would have had:
1. constant speed, no matter how close the magnet is
2. would have been spinning, at least LED would have been shinig when i put the magnet in the midle of the generator.

You can look at my better Free Energy Generator I have made here: https://youtu.be/TNShdzUNpo0
or at even better Free Energy Generator here:

The big magnet parameters:
Diameter 45 mm
Height 30 mm
Material NdFeB
Surface (Ni-Cu-Ni)
Magnetisation N50
Strength 98kg
Weight 360g

Here you can look at additional video of this Free Energy pc Fan filmed in the air. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMR4AU5WhlY

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I am receiving hundreds messages and comments every day. Please don't get it wrong, but I really cannot manage to read them all much less answer them all.

Be aware that I don't force anybody to believe in my generators. If you don't believe it, its your choice, let it be and move on.
These videos aren't to make you possible to produce these generators or teach you how to do it. They are to show you that free energy isn't fiction. Don't waste your time and don't try to make them yourself. I don't say it is impossible for you to replicate it, in fact some of you managed it already, but you probably won't manage it without deep knowledge of magnetism and material science.
Please, be aware that you cannot buy these little magnets.
I developed them along with my team.
I don't sell, send, donate any of my generators, magnets and material.
I don't receive any donations.
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