First test Stanley Meyer proceed part 6

(if you ask why my cell is in air, it's because my coil and my cell are not accord in water my coil is to big).

With these tests you see, you can have resonnance with all connections arrangements.
but if you try to calculate the resonnance point... you can not do except for one cicruit.

So secondary, water have an important effect on this proceed. I don't talk about pure water or sea water or other special type of water. Just WATER.

So i cannot go further in my demonstation cause my scope and probe are not so accurate. I think my probe remove high pick voltage, and my oscilloscope don't give the just value of voltage.

If you can try to repruce the test circuit 4, I think with a sensible probe you can clearly see strong pick voltage.

But for the moment you can clearly see that waves forms are different and that "circuit test 4" give an other result.

And link for my scope probe:

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