Flowing power road energy harvester

Project Name: Flowing power road energy harvester
Background Analysis: With energy prices increasing and crude oil costs on the rise, The world is in need of renewable energy sources. Flowing Power introduces an unobtrusive solution that harnesses energy that would otherwise be lost. Small bumps on the road are driven over by cars, Trucks and trains and produce local low cost energy efficient electricity.
Mechanism: In the modern day road traffic and travel is a constant, However any road going vehicle loses more energy than it is able to put to use, Often converting less than 30% of the energy to useful energy. There should therefore be some method of recapturing some of these losses. Flowing Power is novel environmentally-friendly generating equipment, Which converts the wasted kinetic energy of the vehicles passing over the power-input to electrical energy. Flowing Power not only has the function of the power-input to warn drivers to slow down but also can generate electricity. The power-input of the Flowing Power is the only part that protrudes from the road. When a vehicle is passing over, The power-input is forced to move up and down, Which converts mechanical energy into electric energy for power supply. Can pass across it and it will generate electricity which is then stored at the road side in a battery then used to power any electrical roadside device. Now a new generator of environmental protection production is in front of us. In the future it may even be used at electrical car charge points.
Application: As a vehicle slows or comes to a stop at toll plazas, Traffic calming areas, And countless other roadway points, The motion energy derived from the burning of fossil fuels, Is dissipated in brakes and lost as heat to the environment. Flowing Power transforms this kinetic energy into green electricity.
Commercializing green energy technologies is in the forefront of today's world. With increasing energy prices around the globe, Individuals, companies and governments are recognizing the need for renewable and alternative energy sources within economical reach. There are extremely strong market opportunities for green energy from road traffic. Chinese media reporting that the total number of vehicles on Chinese roads has broken the 250 million barrier for the first time, With 31 cities boasting a vehicle population exceeding one million vehicles.

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