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Alternate Energy Resource Network - Community

Join our alternative energy + green tech community as a member or start a group and help mainstream these important technologies vital to a thriving sustainable future for the planet.

For everyone who wants to start a group, simply register and post a request in any current group and we'll set you up. You get full moderator privileges and full control of your group. We're adding polls, photo galleries and other features that will help you continue your group activities on a fast, free and stable platform. Groups focused on renewable energy, environment, climate change, alt energy diy, off grid living, tiny homes, container living, sustainable development, hydrogen+fuel cell development, electric vehicles etc and related groups are welcome here.

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Welcome to the community. No matter what side of the political spectrum you're on please be civil with each other.

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Note to spammers. This community verifies all new registrations with more than 25 updated daily spam databases during sign ups and automatically rejects all email addresses, users, IP's and domains that are associated with sending spam or are listed as malicious/spam sites.

Users that post high praise for groups or the site (polite spam) and then link to spam are not fooling anyone.

In these cases flattery posts will get you nowhere besides being instantly deleted and having you banned, so don't waste your time.

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