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Health Group Accuses Canadian Gas Association of Greenwashing

Health Group Accuses Canadian Gas Association of Greenwashing
Trade group’s claim that methane is “clean” has sparked an official probe.

https://www.motherjones.com/environment … stigation/

“Now that it’s clear” humans are causing climate change, the industry is “switching to the strategy to greenwash instead.”
Because methane is 25 to 80 times more powerful at trapping heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide, it is misleading to describe it as “clean,” the complaint argued. It also took issue with ads calling the fuel “affordable” given that heat pumps are generally cheaper to use and gas is expected to become more expensive than other energy options as economies transition to low-carbon options.

If the inquiry confirms CGA’s statements are misleading and false, the association and its member companies—including Enbridge, TC Energy, FortisBC, Énergir, and about a dozen others—would be forced to stop advertising methane gas as “clean” and “affordable,” issue a retraction, and possibly face a $10 million (Canadian) fine, the CAPE press release stated.


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