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Battleground State Voters Strongly Prefer Biden to Trump on Climate, a

Battleground State Voters Strongly Prefer Biden to Trump on Climate, a New Poll Finds
After a summer of extreme weather, Americans demand climate leadership.

https://www.motherjones.com/environment … oll-finds/

To the millions of American voters who have experienced unprecedented wildfires, relentless storms, and extreme heat this summer, climate change has become personal. Sixty percent of voters in eight battleground states say they have felt the effects or know someone who has, according to a new poll of 896 registered voters surveyed late last week by Public Policy Polling.

PPP, commissioned by the electoral climate group Climate Power 2020, asked voters about extreme weather in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura and the still-raging wildfires in the west. Eighteen percent said they personally experienced impacts, while 21 percent had family affected and another 21 percent knew someone affected.

That’s really bad news for Trump.

The president has spent months contradicting his own public health experts and minimizing the toll of a pandemic that has left 200,000 Americans dead, predicting the crisis would turn around on its own. He’s spent the last four years being just as wrong on climate change.


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