Flywheel discharging test (Chinese version)

The VDC series of fl ywheel energy storage systems provide Riello Master Plus UPS with a source of dc power that can be used to ride through short mains power supply failures. The length of supply available can be used to cover the start-up time of a standby generator or prevent the initial discharge of a locally connected battery set.

The VDC fl ywheel connects directly to the UPS DC busbar and is a standalone device supplied in a matching cabinet.
The VDC series of fl ywheels has been designed for UPS applications within datacentres, hospitals and industrial installations. The patented fl ywheel
concept is a form of energy storage and provides a green, clean source of back up power by converting the kinetic energy stored within a rotating mass to electrical power through a built-in IGBTbased converter.
Two sizes are available (VDC and VDCXE) with a loadrelated back-up autonomy.

• High reliability
• Lowest cost of ownership (TCO)
• High power density
• Small footprint
• High effi ciency - 99.4%
• Minimal maintenance
• Simple installation
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