Forest City Iskandar Malaysia- Setting A Precedence For Future Cities In The World.

The most vibrant city with world class ecological standard in a premier enclave of Iskandar Economic Zone which is just a bridge away from Singapore.
Forest City applies the most advanced 3D multi-layered urban planning concept that will be able to accommodate hundreds of thousands of people. The lush green surrounding will be without vehicles travelling at ground level and will truly achieve the separation of pedestrians and vehicles and also space utilisation.
There will be railway on the ground and integration of multi-level transportation to connect the entire city. Underground layers consists of smooth vehicular traffic and ample parking spaces. With this system, there will be no traffic hazard and automobile pollution issues.
Building facades will be covered with vegetation and greeneries everywhere. The entire city will be full of vertical greeneries, sky gardens and rooftop garden system, forming a natural barrier.
The city possesses wonderful sea-view with about 10 kilometres coastline and adjacent to natural resources such as wetlands, seagrass and mangrove conservation.
The city will even adopt the leading BIM building digital system and industrial construction. This is highly efficient and environmentally friendly with construction quality ahead of its time. The developer will be partnering Huawei and Celcom to build the first smart city in Malaysia. Forest City will follow the principles of sustainable development ranging from energy, ecology and urban operations.
Forest City will be a sophisticated city that will bring in top international schools and attract best talents and create top notch education city.
Forest City will be committed to build a safe city adjacent to Singapore with smart security system and closed management. Another commitment will be to build not only smart city system but all kinds of entertainment facilities that will be a platform that allows residents to enjoy a better life.
Forest City integrates various modes of transportation that connects seamlessly to offer residents greater convenience and efficiency. The city will also be supported by various special incentives and needs to attract financial institutions, company headquarters, conference and exhibitions, e-commerce, tourism, wellness and various innovative industries. These will create a dynamic city with industrial and urban functions integration to become the main driving force for regional development, making the city a special zone in the region.
Phase 1 development includes transportation hub, marina commercial-street, international conference centre, yacht hotel and facilities to meet demand for life-style and entertainment.
Forest City aims to set a precedence to be a super-city that had never existed before with full range facilities, multi-layered urban planning concept and entire city covered with full of vertical greeneries, sky gardens and rooftop gardens. Additionally, it plans to create the first duty-free island and an international shopping paradise as well as to bring in premium hospitals.
Properties at Forest City will be with a Freehold tenure. Boutique hotel residence units are about 377-538 square feet. Premium hotel provides comprehensive services and exclusive enjoyment as well as convenience and comfort. High-rise apartment units range from 807 to 1,883 square feet. with sea-view and exquisite interior decorations. The apartments come with vertical greeneries and some of the units equipped with minimalist home garden. All units are clearly planned & scattered to ensure privacy as well as good ventilation and lighting. The 4 blocks of apartment in the first phase of the development offer access to exciting urban facilities such as the marina commercial streets, infinity pool and conference hall.
There are also individual villas surrounded by the sea of about 2,690- 5,920 square feet with exclusive enjoyment, surrounded by massive garden and wonderful sea-view. Some of the bungalows are well-equipped with a private elevator and ultra-large bedroom with spacious balcony, wardrobe and reading room etc.
A Forbes Top 30 Companies ( Asia Pacific region), The Country Garden Group together with EDSB Group aspire to go beyond the standard of top global cities creating a future city with global vision. The Forest City is a pride and dream paradise for all mankind. Be the Prime model for the future city of the world and have the first mover advantage.
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