Fox Hole Radio Rodin Coil 180 Signal Generator.wmv

Rodin Coil Group, This is example of Free Radiant Cosmic / Scaler Wave Energy R-Coil capture / Signal Generator by Vortex Math, excition of surrounding Crystals of area to generate and intensify resonate frequency of Brodcast riding the Scaler Cosmic Universal Wave.
Thanks Tom Moray, Stubblefield, Nickoli Tesla (Waycliff)
Take notice interaction with Alum Foil static bombardment by possibly surronding resonating crystals (thinking Floyd Sweet, Tom Bearden) Tuning Frequency Tuning Crystals.
Antenna to Stubble Field Grnd Earth Battery worked through Battery Center Bolt, Coils pri.,sec. and iron lead no matter how connected resonating throughout... CaptBay
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