Free DIY BYO BIY plans for Pedal Power Bicycle Generator Car Alternator

From http://pedalpowergenerator.com
Keep couch potatoes in shape! Have them power their own video games. This is a demo of a Car Alternator being used as a pedal power bicycle generator to power up a Harry Potter video game while I am holding a wireless controller. The game is being played on Play Station 2. The PS2 requires 30 Watts of power through an AC inverter. The purpose of the inverter is to convert 14.8 DC (Direct current) volts from the pedal power bike generator into 110 Volts AC (Alternate Current) which is what you use when you plug something into the wall outlet in your Home. So when you pedal you will be supplying a total of 30 Watts and about 2.0 Amps. Note: the way you calculate Watts is Current AMPS X Volts. In this case: 2.0 Amps x 14.8Volts DC = 29.6 Watts. If you want to see voltage current Amps and Watts waveform graph data from this application go to http://pedalpowergenerator.com and click on the link "test results". If you want the free plans to build this, then click on "free plans". Note: Many people ask me how the alternator can work without having a battery hooked up to. The answer is that the alternator already has enough of a residual magnetic field to start the generator process and put out 14.8 volts DC after 3 seconds of pedaling fast.
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