The Free Power Company shows it's exciting new renewable energy and other useful inventions!

The Inventions include:

ECO GENERATOR: A Silent, Portable, Powerful, No Fuel, No Pollution Eco Generator for off the grid electricity for a whole house or office or worksite! Up to 20,000 watts of portable electricity!

A COMPRESSED AIR AND WATER GENERATOR - Amazing technology which uses the Eco Generator to power up an air compressor which in turns powers up a motor. The compressed air is redistributed to turn a turbine for electricity generator and regeneration. It runs on fresh air!

A MAINS AND TIDAL WATER GENERATOR - Use the power of the tide near water or connect to your water mains power for turbine generation. Electricity can be generated with this awesome technology.

A CHAINLESS BIKE - A bike with no chain at all, uses a 3 stage gearbox for changing of gears and uses a drive shaft to drive the bike! This invention will revolutionise the world of bike or bicycle riding, no more grease isses with clothing, no more chains coming loose, less byicycle accidents, less worries on the bike!

A WHEELIE BIN LID OPENER - Never touch a dirty bin lid again! Using a simple attachment at the bottom of a wheelie bin and an adjustable connector at the handle of the bin, people can now have a completely foot operated bin lid opener without using the hands whatsoever! Less germs, less bacteria, less filth and less worries! Tried and tested for 4 years with garbage truck collections with no problems at all! A great new idea for every wheelie bin user. Check it out on www.binlidopener.com or contact us at info@binlidopener.com

A PORTABLE MAGNETIC GENERATOR - This product is set to revolutionize the world of power generation and regeneration. The device is in R&D with The Free Power Company at present but will sooon be released for sale on a commercial basis. It uses powerful neodymium or rear earth magnets in a patented configuration to power up a generator 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! The portable magnetic generator will replace current technologies and render them obsolete for electricity generation including unsightly solar panels, wind turbines, and other forms of renewable energy technologies. A truly revolutionary device.

MORE GREAT INVENTIONS TO COME - The Free Power Company has a dynamic R&D department workin on some great new products for the global community that are beneficial for many people, villages, third world nation communities, even countries. Keep on checking The Free Power Company's web site - www.thefreepowerco.com for more information and updates.

INVESTMENT REQUIRED - With all new great products requires signifcant investment.. The Free Power Company are seeking sophisticated investors, partners, distributors, licensees and buyers of it's technology today.

Please enquire using our e-mail address - info@thefreepowerco.com

We look forward to working with you and yor company for successful results on a global scale!
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