Free Energy ~ Case Fan Magnet Motor / Real or Fake?

You decide. After watching a "Free Energy Case Fan Magnet Motor" video on Youtube, and being skeptical(No wonder why with all the fake videos on Youtube), I decided to try it out myself. Needless to say, the results are not promising using only one magnet to push the motor into motion as the video uploader demonstrated. While there are ideas and devices which do show promise, the one being put to test in this video, is not one of them. If someone is able to prove this device/method works, then you will need to post all relevant information(EXACT magnets used, the positioning of the magnets on the fan blade in mm, which way the magnets face, the model case fan used, and the magnet which was used to push the fan into operation). I will then test your method to make sure that it does work. if proven to work, I will post a link to your video for others to view. (MAKE SURE YOU WATCH THIS VIDEO WITH THE ANNOTATIONS TURNED ON!)

PART 2 Here:

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