Free energy generator, really working free energy magnet motor

This is my third Free Energy Generator - free energy magnet motor - free energy device if you like.

First please look at my two previous free energy genertaors.

Here are no wires, no PC fan, no battery, no motor, only common CD and my special neodym magnets sticked on it.

I heard you suggestions and filmed it on the floor and under the transparent glass with big field of view. At the end you can see disassembly and much bigger field of view.

The big magnet parameters:
Diameter 45 mm
Height 30 mm
Material NdFeB
Surface (Ni-Cu-Ni)
Magnetisation N50
Strength 98kg
Weight 360g

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I am receiving hundreds messages and comments every day. Please don't get it wrong, but I really cannot manage to read them all much less answer them all.

Be aware that I don't force anybody to believe in my generators. If you don't believe it, its your choice, let it be and move on.
These videos aren't to make you possible to produce these generators or teach you how to do it. They are to show you that free energy isn't fiction. Don't waste your time and don't try to make them yourself. I don't say it is impossible for you to replicate it, in fact some of you managed it already, but you probably won't manage it without deep knowledge of magnetism and material science.
Please, be aware that you cannot buy these little magnets.
I developed them along with my team.
I don't sell, send, donate any of my generators, magnets and material.
I don't receive any donations.
  • beliver

    You take OUT of the camera view the device before start and interestingly after finishing too. You might changed it quick.