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Free Energy Generator with Monopole Magnet Motor, MUST SEE THIS


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http://www.Magniwork.co.uk When you are searching to make a perpetual magnetic generator, this is by far nothing new. Here is a little bit about the inventor. He was Peter Peregrinus who had created what is now known as the earliest magnet generator device that was in 1269 A.D. There have been many of those who state that the device would never work since it would break the 2nd law of thermodynamics. But however, there really is a man who lives in Canada that may be truly coming very close to being able to create the perpetual magnetic generator that will actually be able to work. With this being said, everyone would be able to make a similar device that would be much smaller then the original scale. If you can make your magnetic generator to really work then you may just have to change your current name to Peregrinus in stead of the one you already have.

The following are the steps that you will be needing to do to try to get this amazing generator to work.
Follow these instructions:

First step: Set your inner wheel on its titling axis. You will need to make sure that your wheel is a non-conductive material that will be able to spin freely.

The second step: You will now attach your ceramic bar magnets evenly around your rim of the wheel that you have chosen. You will need to make sure that all of the magnets are facing out wards so it has the same polarity.

The third step is to: You will need to place your fixed outer ring around your inner ring. Then make sure that your ring is also a non-conductive material as you are building yourself a perpetual magnet generator.

Fourth step: You will want to make sure you have lined the fixed, outer ring and the magnets that are facing in on the perpetual magnetic generator.

Your fifth step being: Try to make your inner ring spin on your perpetual magnetic generator that you have now built. Once the inner wheel would reach the utmost portion of the revolution, your magnets that are on the outer right should be making the ring to continuously spin on its own but this is only until the next magnet get that are the opposing magnets that are facing each other again.

The final step being: You will now want to allow your inner ring of your perpetual magnet generator be able to spin finally the speed has increased and energy has now been generated with your very own magnetic generator.

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