Free Energy Special Interest Group, 6th Meeting, London, UK Pt 2

The 6th FESIG Meeting started promptly at 5.30pm GMT on the 16th March 2016, in West London physically, with about 2 at the venue and the rest of about 12 in attendance onlline. Attendees such as Tom Salas, Robert Stubblefield, Jay Kay, Whade, Leith Painter, Quietude, were sharing plasma development ideas and devices made with creativity and zest. Qosmin showed his 6-cube star formation. Interesting discussions on the dangers of getting into these adventure as doubts of AI taking over consciousness is there in our minds. James Rink spoke about AI and PI from a super soldier's perspective. Peppi popped in to say he's busy with a client. Please click on video recording to watch and listen to the discussions during the meeting. Look out for updates and instructions to attend the meetings on the site
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