Free Energy Vs The Laws Of Physics. Don't be fooled.

I'd like to start by admitting I was mistaken at 6:25, where I claimed that more energy returns from the flyback energy of a coil than input power. I made an updated video where I talked about the error in my thinking at this link.
If you google or youtube the words "free energy motor" your likely to come up with dozens or people who claim to have built such motors, and many of them may appear legitimate inventors with the backing of scientists and engineers. After having followed some of them for many years I've been surprised at how many of them turn out to be hoaxes. Nevertheless the scams continue to this day, and thousands of people end up loosing their time and money to these scams. Many years ago I also became intrigued with the possibility that I could build an electric motor which produced more electricity than it consumed. Unfortunately my motors were never able to produce any free energy, but my hands on experience enabled me to learn some of the laws of physics, and the experience was so educational I'm grateful for having tried this in spite of my repeated failures. Now that I've become familiar with some of the laws of physics, it's been interesting to see others experimenting with some of these ideas. If an individual wants to demonstrate they have produced a free energy motor which produces more energy than it uses there are two simple methods they can use to do so. One of them is to completely remove any batteries or external power from their motors and show how they can operate on their own energy. A second test is to see if they can beat what conventional science says is possible in terms of energy input Vs energy output.
For example. It's presently accepted that 746 watts can produce one horse power from a motor that's 100 percent efficient, One horse power should be able to lift 33000 pounds one foot in one minute of time. If one were to scale this down it could also be said that 1 watt should be able to lift 44.25 pounds one foot in one minute of time. If someone can demonstrate greater efficiencies than this it proves that conventional science is incorrect, and free energy electric motors are truly possible.
One thing I've noticed in many of the videos where people are building experimental motors is they don't seem to have a firm grasp on how to measure input Vs output power electrically speaking, and yet many of them speak in an abstract language as though they were experts when in fact many of them don't understand the basics such as the difference between a volt, an amp and a watt..
Even though my own attempts at building a free energy motor were unsuccessful, I like to keep an open mind about such possibilities, but having seen so many scams over many years I've grown a little cynical every time I see or hear about something which looks promising. In spite of my repeated failure to produce free energy, I wonder how science can explain the way an electron continue to orbit around the core of an atom?
I've added some links to the info section of this video by people who have tried building free energy motors, and ended up learning some of the laws of physics through the hands on approach.
Here are some that I found impressive even though it ultimately failed.

QEG Scam Exposed.

Here is one which some think may actually be a free energy device.
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