Free Piston Four Stroke Linear Engine With Generator

The patent represents new concept in designing linear free piston engine with generator which in basic has four-stroke engine, integrated with generator and electric energy as an output. It is designed to satisfy the highest utilization of fuel, low exhaust emission performance in a compact size for use in hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs).

The two cylinders with a common axis are set pistons having a work surface on the front and back side of piston. Connecting rods are directly connected with the movable part of the linear generator ( I ) -- on which is placed permanent magnet, and that with its motion generates electricity in the stator of the linear part of the generator( I ), and rack - which is matching with the gear ensuring the harmonious movement of the movable parts of the left and right side. Working of the motor ( II ) is at any time proceeded to a four-cycle engine of classic four-stroke motor. Inserting the fuel and expansion is carried in a row: K1, K3, K4, K2 and after it they go in respectively known four-stroke cycle engines: discharge of combustion gases, suction, compression and again expansion... For start is used generator part which with electricity from a battery that runs harmonic motion from the piston to the bottom and back. When you achieve this movement, begins with the insertion of fuel and operation of the motor takes over.

With the advent of the idea of hybrid vehicles, this is our solution to best fit into this concept and assume that it should be the best solution to drive the vehicle.
Constructive simplicity and compactness, minimum exhaust gas emissions and maximum fuel efficiency are imposed as the best link of the transition from internal combustion engines to all-electric drive.

When fully switch to electric vehicles powered from the battery, this unit will remain as an assurance that vehicle will not leave you where there is no possibility to charge the battery.

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