Freisolar - Heating with geothermal energy (EN)

Soil is a good heat accumulator - even here in our temperate climate. The temperature here, in about 2 metres depth, lies between 7-13 degrees Celcius on annual average. Our horizontally laid geothermal collectors withdraw this existing warmth from soil with the aid of a mixture of water and anti-freeze. By means of a thermal heat pump the obtained warmth becomes utilizable for heating and creates nice temperatures in the whole house. Nature continuously regenerates the ground that is used by the thermal collectors which means that insolation, rain, and condensation provide sufficient applicable geothermics. "Soil" here means the uppermost stratum with a depth of up to 5 metres. In contrast to a earth probe drilling elaborate operations needing permission don't apply which lowers the costs. Therewith our collector system is up to 60 percent less expensive than a earth probe drilling.
By putting conventional horizontal heat collectors to use a multitude of soil has to be moved around the house - we can avoid this as well.
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