Front Yard Permaculture Food Forest Grows Food Year Round Tour

John from goes on a field trip to South West Florida to give you a tour of a front yard (and back yard) permaculture food forest that grows fruits and vegetable year round for the family.

In this episode, John will give you a tour of this permaculture garden in the city. You will learn about the many different varieties of edible fruits and vegetables that you can grow in South Florida as well as other similar climates.

You will discover some of the easiest to grow edible plants you can grow in your landscape or your garden. You will also see an excellent example of a 3 year establish food forest that is producing food year round.

Finally, John will interview Alex Nikesch, Permaculture designer and instruction and you will discover the answers to the following questions:
41:47 Why did you get into permaculture and why do you grow food at your home?
43:00 Where do you get good quality compost in Ft Myers / Southwest Florida ?
44:25 What are the top 5 perennial greens and vegetables that will grow easily in South Florida?
46:12 Where can someone purchase these perennial vegetables?
48:36 What are some of the Edible Weeds that grow in South Florida?
49:26 What is the Edible Red Flower in your yard?
50:08 What are the native florida cocoplum?
50:38 What are some easy tropical fruit trees to grow in South Florida?
52:05 What are some benefits of living in SouthWest Florida to grow food year round?
53:42 What are some other gardening tips for beginners?
55:42 Why did you start a business to help people grow their food and design food forests?
57:20 How can someone get ahold of you to learn about your local
58:35 Any final words of Wisdom about gardening?

After watching this episode, you will have a better understanding of growing a food forest in South Florida that you can eat from every day of the year.

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