Fuel-Less Mag Air Vibe Gen T2

Driving 2 amp 12v Mag Amp Gen-type motors without battery intervention.
Charge time at simulated 36km's/p/hr (~ 400rpm tops for 40 sec to 15,2 volts),
turned motors for about 4 sec. Voltage knockdown was 15-8volts with cut-off intervention preventing total drain.
This reveals the present gap in real-time propulsion: about 10 to 1: the gap normally filled by battery storage proceedures from outside vehicle.
Obviously two such units, such as diagramed in "FemmeMobile Tu*" would cut that down to about 5 to 1, with direct roof PV feed-in on sunny days still somewhat less.
Of course these figures can be doubled at least by no.55, rather than no.42, magnets. Nor should we forget the 10% to 20% running output from Nisson's "3-D" reverse & constant charging on their Pivo2, Leaf, and solar test vehicles.
Still, all this shows a need of further devices to ensure ambient exposure site-centered, full-scale energy propulsion requiering neither fuel or grid dependance.
Petaled stacked generators, with or without flywheel augmentation comes to mind. Subsidiary Tesla Turbines, vibrating generator "wands" or plastic-elastic surfaces, magnetic non-friction bearings, and other possibilities already exist. A little research will reveal more.
The novelty of exploring, building, and testing each of these devices, has forced all existing world labs to focus on a specific set of probabilities. Until about 2 years ago, the presence of battery storage & grid access was taken for granted by nearly all designs. Now, a world-wide on-line engineering consortium or design panel review board is needed to rationalize in many dimensions the practical light compact ambiently self-propeled vehicle. Eliminating decisively all fuels, battery, & grid aids to general powered Earth surface travel.
One exclusion should be observed in solutional constructs however: Heat devices must be shunned, as it has become clear that Earth environmental havoc is due far nore to energy hot-spots (cities & megacities) than to any atmospheric chemistries, or Solar emanations.
Note that in this video the main fearure is that the motors are not driving the "fan", but the Turbine "fan" is driving the motors. This means a major shift in energy consumption verses enery production. Good news perhaps for the World's increasingly unemployed masses?
...more later....

This one is for my "rational" video (how things SHOULD work!). Note that in both I call for a world-wide combined effort using the several techs evolved in many localities? This alone should justify these videos, in spite of their technical shortcomings?

Magnetic Powered Mag Air Vibe Gen T1
This is the second Air Turbine project of the Magnetic Generation Transport design.
It shows a simple driver operated lever for engaging the magnetic gears to spin the 8 ring generator stack in response to Turbine RPM'S - which worked fine!
Unfortunately, a small test model indicating that mono-pole wheel-gear magnets would engage more smoothly & equally powerfully was wrong. The first projects alternating poles worked much better. Except the power surges at certain ratios cannot take full effect because (surmise on my part); the number of wheel magnets is not in ratio to those of the generator itself! The no.: 6(Gen)X3=18(wheel)/present model 16(wheel).
It has been dawning on world research these past 2 years: that self-propelled ambient vehicles, needing neither a fuel motor, battery storage, OR any connection to the GRID are a looming real event?
The main problem is that all labs have been forced to focus on only one or two TYPES of project! As the single "engine" model sinks rapidly into the past, a need for some kind of WORLD ONLINE SYMPOSIA which would coordinate the needed elements for real-time energy production in moving vehicles, reveals itself. A sort of "Japan incorporated" on a world-wide scale?
Some questions:
If magnetic wheel hubs act as EMF-sinks for generated wave-currents, how general is this function? Only load-free? Only at specified frequencies? What is the heat distribution?
Are magnetic bearing functions compatible with generation, shifting (in response to load demands), flywheel, and maybe other functions?
Is petaling generators to be considered an "ambient energy augmentation" - making muscle power equivalent to solar rays, frontal air pressure, magnetic flywheel "storage", current amplification, and other "natural" pressures and encounters.
Finally, can generation by whatever multiple means, be integrated with the torque demands and methods, in a flexible, inexpensive, and drivable manner?
And if so, what are the implications for roads, signaling, population distribution, economic circulation, and the retirement of the world's military establishments?
Please remember, what you see in these videos, is not the powered motor running a fan,
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