[FULL] 『1925 ver. Acoustic』 【Ashe】 - English

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Before I even talk about the song itself, I have to talk about the amazing RurutiaDariya, who drew this great picture for me in only a few hours. As well as being a great artist, she is a superb singer. Please check her channel out here [ http://www.youtube.com/user/RurutiaDariya ] And that leads me to some other news that I'll be elaborating on later on.

This is my first full, English dub since Matryoshka, but there's something very special about it! This is my debut writing English Vocaloid lyrics. To be honest, I'm proud of the lyrics! I don't think my singing was the best it has been, but this is more about showcasing these lyrics.

That leads me to mentioning this FANTASTIC instrumental introduced to me by kran (Kran117). When she tweeted about it, I was quick to listen, and I found all of the inspiration in the world to make English lyrics for it. The instrumental itself was done by a nico user by the name of YuzukiRiyu, I believe? If anyone requests, I'll post the SM number of the video.

Anyway, the news I mentioned was that for my next video, and for some videos in the future, I'll be showing off some of the vocalists in our community that don't get as much attention as they deserve or if they just happen to be great and willing to work with me. That means that I won't be singing as much, but instead writing English lyrics and posting those covers done by the guest vocalists on my channel here. Tell me what you think in the comments below!

I hope you guys enjoy it and even if you don't, I'd love to know why. Telling me what you think I could improve on with a cover helps me make the next ones even better. So, please, help me out. Comment, rate, subscribe, and tell your friends about my music. Thanks!

Lyrics: (These lyrics were written by me; If you would like to use them, you don't need to ask permission, but I do ask that you give me credit and link me to your cover)

A calm and cooling motion
It's shaking off my tension
Surprise, surprise
It's called being alive

The answers to my questions
Repeating; Have I mentioned
I lied? Don't like the way I'm being tried

A lonely heart is what I'm slowly aiming for
Forget what you see; leave it to me
I'll lead you there

It's not about the money
But the world doesn't agree
A bribe, a lie, a trick
We'll hide the truth
And they won't see
As long as you have changed your mind
Your soul belongs to me
We have got no pride
And no honor to be seen

"A little; just a little"
A lie or just a riddle?
Appeal, I feel
But only if it's real

"It works in this direction;
Let's take another exit"
You cheat, I see
You're not the one for me

The happiness of people
Is such a fickle thing
To bend and break
The give and take
Is too much for me

Love is just the gum
That we replace without a care
Had your heart forever
Now another day is here
The puzzle pieces
Of our life will rarely make a fit
But we take our chances
And go along with it

The pouring rain fills up your brain
It takes so much to weigh down your regrets
This life is drifting on the open sea...
This boat is not enough for you and me...

Building up your fences to avoid the best you can
All the laws and morals understood by fellow man
If I could be on the other side then I would be
"Oh, hello!" I'd say, but you'd never look at me

If you ever bother asking me if love is really true
I would stare you in the face and say it's looking right at you
If I really understood you better than you know yourself
Then I know I'm perfect for you and nobody else

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This video is purely fan-made and is associated in no way with the artist or copyright holders.
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