Full sun (Jan 28, 2017) Solar power harvest prior to going into battery "Absorb"

⚡️ DIY partial off-grid home solar power (main) system:
4,905 watts total array power rating (three arrays)
36 Renogy RNG-100D mono 12v panels
Three second-hand frameless laminate solar panels
Outback power VFX 3524 pure sine wave inverter/charger + Mate3 (Optics RE)
Three Midnite Solar "Classic" MPPT solar charge controllers
12 Trojan L16E-AC 6v deep cycle flooded batteries
Reliance Controls PROTRAN 6-circuit transfer panel
Blue Sea Systems Maxibus bussbars, 200-amp circuit breaker, DC voltmeter
Midnite Solar 150v DC circuit breakers and Baby Big Boxes
TEMCo welding cable and Crimp Supply marine-grade battery lugs
Motorola modem, TP-Link wireless router, Gigabit ethernet switch
Honda eu2000i Companion inverter generator

24v portable solar generator:
Four Renogy RNG 100D mono 12v solar panels
Go Power 1,500w pure sine wave 24v inverter
EP Solar Tracer 20-amp MPPT solar charge controller
Two Trojan 31AGM Overdrive deep cycle batteries
Blue Sea Systems circuit breaker and DC voltmeter
Deltran Battery Tender 24v charger maintainer

I installed everything and modded/tweaked to work optimally. For FY2016, was able to offset ~70% of my house's grid power consumption. Meaning, I made 70% of what my house consumed...knocking the power bill down AND having emergency back up.

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