futher adventures with the joe cell water fuel cell

The Further Adventures of the Australian Joe cell

There has for some time since the 1990's there have been stories about a cost free miracle power source for powering motor and motoring vehicles coming from my home country of Australia concerning a device called the Joe Cell.

Claiming to not consume any water or anything else but able to travel incredible distances anyway especially with earlier models of some cars sold in Australia with aluminium heads.

Often confused with HHO cells and although using a process similar in some aspects it has not that much in common does not require high power levels or massive amounts of acid or caustic soda.

Apparently there are twelve people in Australia that have successfully used something like this design to power their motor vehicles and for free as well

This design does not use the electrolysis process to fuel their vehicles although some hydrogen and oxygen is produced during conditioning of the cell.

There is even a story about a drag car using the process in Tasmania and winning everything but was soon to disappear from scene

I am trying to discover and reproduce how it works and I will share any information I have discovered and here is the latest video on what I have come across whilst conducting my experiments.

I became aware of the device whilst I was setting up my energy21/energy 2000 newsgroups and websites and received an anonymous information about it although somewhat limit.

This was before there an Article in The Australia Nexus

I must admit I was sceptical but after talking to others in the free energy movement and others that don't wish to be named, I am slowly coming around to the conclusion there might be something there for researchers to find there and that may be supressed technology just waiting for the time to be used especially with climate change such a hot topic at the moment.

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