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Future generator for free energy? Prototype Flywheel Energy Storage build by oren gertel - free


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The follow clips from the movie thrive discuss the reality of free energy and free energy devices. Free energy - nikola tesla unlimited free energy forever - they don't want you to know about !.. Watch our youtube page wasabysajado for more free energy videos. PROBLEM SOLVED : Free Energy Magnet Motor fan as Free Energy Generator "Free Energy" light bulb New. Find great deals on eBay for Free Energy Generator in Generator Parts and Accessories. Well worth watching even if you know a lot about "free energy" you may learn something you didn't know.. The present system of producing energy relies heavily on using natural resources that are rapidly being exhausted and cause harm to the environment such as oil coal or natural gas. This system of free energy fan rotation of magnet motor is used as free energy generator for lighting of bulb.

➨ akula free energy device - akula lantern circuit number 4 . The lutec 1000 free energy machine has resurfaced after six years of steering clear of the public spotlight having been granted patents in at least 60 countries around the world including the us china and india...

This is magnet machine! Flywheel Energy Storage system
The ornithopter engine
This invention engine used 12V battery and 24V 80W electric motor!
For future use The system is the heart of some of the large system, the heart of the system is significant to run a big machine,By some few volts can operate the machine, and by so , can work long hours!! or days (2 stroke magnet engine! For example motors sketches!) Shows that can be moved by magnets without gears or belt or any connection! and use a small electric motor, and low power consumption and heavy crankshafts rotate high speed without any contact, Since there is no friction between the parts of the magnets and do not touch each other! No warming! not need gas gasoline or diesel ,only battery
A machine that works with a huge magnetic force, Centrifugal force, a linear movement,Magnet crankshaft is not connected!
After the examination, the value of this invention is $ 200 million ,
If you decide to copy it making it possible that you pay the price of $ 200 million ,
This engine is patented invention made by oren gertel

Use an Hour of Power for free between these off peak times. If we crack the code to unlimited free energy and food, no one will have to work to earn a living. This magnet motor is invented in germany this magnetic motor can be modified to create free energy to create free energy neodymium magnets or ferrite magnets used also electric coils is used cables copper can be modified to make electric coils ...

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  • Adepitan Oriyomi Added hello mr gertel, I must say ,what are your mitigation to the excess moving part, which might lead to easy failure