Future impact of climate change - part 2

This educational video is designed to teach secondary school students about the impact of climate change on Denmark. The video was funded by the Danish Ministry of Education. It was produced by AlphaFilm.

We have several years of experience helping our clients mitigate the impacts of climate change. Read more about it here: http://www.dhigroup.com/areas-of-expertise/climate-change.

To better prepare and adapt to the impacts of climate change, check out our free Climate Change Guidelines here:
Urban Climate Change Guidelines: http://www.dhigroup.com/upload/publications/scribd/99997777-Urban-Climate-Change-Guidelines-DHI.pdf

Water Resources Climate Change Guidelines: http://www.dhigroup.com/upload/publications/scribd/99997441-Water-Resources-Climate-Change-Guidelines-DHI.pdf

Marine Climate Change Guidelines: http://www.dhigroup.com/upload/publications/scribd/99998015-Marine-Climate-Change-Guidelines-DHI.pdf
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