Gadgeteer to patent AC electrolysis to prevent Hydrogen energy invention suppression

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of 26 January 2010, the Vancouver Gadgeteers amateur inventors club will no longer be selling its Adams motors, e-books/e-guides, DIY plans, hydroxy devices, pulsers, components, or consulting services due to the personal risks and 'inconveniences' and perceived threat level as well as the lack of support from the public, generally speaking. While it has been an interesting, and at times, exciting area of tinkering, the bottom line is that the trouble just wasn't worth it. Other alternative-energy experimenters have also paid a painful price.

Hard work pays off in the future; laziness pays off now.

We are patenting this to prevent invention-suppression -- why?

Because, in some countries, anybody can patent an invention if nobody filed, despite a "public domain" status. It would be better to deal with the Vancouver Gadgeteers for licensing rather than the "you know who."

This appears to be the first successful AC electrolysis experiment. This is just a start. Further efforts will be required to refine and increase the power results.

If you would like to support Alternative Energy, please make a donation to the Vancouver Gadgeteers club. We have given up a lot for this "hobby".

Gadgeteer to patent AC electrolysis - Brown's Gas HHO

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