gas vapor fuel injector

not sure how many PSI would be necessary to allow enough vapor to enter the cylinder... thing about gas vapor is, well pretty much anything... it won't explode/burn if there is no oxygen.... check out pogues design and things that he said... one of his biggest peeves were when people said "Well what if it explodes?".. he angrily responded with "If there is no oxygen, it can't burn"

I have all THREE switches on, i'm using THREE fuel injector pulses for 3 of the 4 cylinders. look how slow that balloon goes down compared to how fast it was made with a crappy 300 degree hot plate..
The vapor has a moisture to it.. so those that are worried about the fuel injectors seizing up...
if i wasn't broke off my ASS right now, i'd have that fuel rail off and start modifying some shit. but currently our main car took a SHIT and my credit is jacked so we can't get a new one, so we're stuck driving the fucking cavalier.
fuck taxes, fuck gas prices, fuck war and fuck terrorists
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