Gasoline Vaporizer Build Part 2 (Running & Installed in my 2006 Buick)

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This video shows my gas vaporizer installed and running in my 2006 Buick Rondavouz. The fuel is completely shut off. All my car is running on is the gasoline vapor created from the air being pulled through the pipe which is submersed under the gasoline. This submersion creates a cold gasoline vapor which is then sucked through the secondary pipe into my air intake. I do have a secondary air inlet port installed on the secondary pipe it is placed between the vapor outlet pipe and the air intake. This secondary air inlet allows me to adjust the air to fuel mixture as the RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) rise the need for more air arises. This secondary air inlet allows that extra air to be pulled in freely with no restriction from the pipe which is submerged under the gasoline. Without this secondary inlet there is not enough airflow which causes the engine to chock not allowing it to run properly and prevents it from running at high RPM.

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