Gasoline Vaporizer Build Part 3 (Inards Of The Vaporizer)

This video shows the inner chamber of the vaporizer. As you can see I have the air inlet pipe which has many little holes drilled into the cap which is placed at the bottom of the pipe. The air outlet pipe has larger holes about 1/2" in diameter drilled into the side of it to allow the air and gasoline vapor to be sucked into the engine through the air intake on my Buick.

Please if you have any ?'s feel free to ask! Take Care and Enjoy!

If anyone has any spare brass fittings, PVC or Steel pipe, pipe fittings, Etc., and most importantly any butterfly valves you can donate for this experiment please send me a message.

To help fund these project's please click on the link bellow to donate. If you are able to contribute by donating items such as microwave transformers, circuitry parts, transformer cores steel aluminum tubing etc. please let me know. If you are not able to donate or send items that are needed please contribute by sharing your knowledge. Thanks for all the support!


Thanks everyone for all your support!

Please watch my other videos on my gasoline vaporizer. I have achieved between 214-320 miles per gallon in my 2006 Buick!

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