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Gav's EV Conversion - 23 - Living with an EV 4 (1 of 2)

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It's been a while but the Tredia's still kicking gas!
In the last six months the car's passed the 5000 kilometre mark without a single drop of gasoline. I also interview three other EV converters, and we finally get insulation and a heat pump (reverse cycle air conditioner thingy) installed in our icebox of a house! It's nice and warm now that's for sure.

The United States government has taken a jump to the left, and a step to the ri-i-i-ight has occured for New Zealand's new government (couldn't resist the Rocky Horror pun) so the global theme seems to be change, change, change.
Since the last video I've had a brief stint at advertising which was fun, I've topped up the water in the batteries twice, and the car finally has a CD player. Most importantly of all though, this video has been recorded in brilliant High Definition (and widescreen too) - see the difference?

Thanks to technology one of the people I interviewed was in another country - Australia! We set up a link and I was able interview the famous (but Australian) creator of EVCapri.com! Not only that but I celebrate the car's first birthday! Yup, as of the 23rd of November, the car has been powered up for exactly one year! Being such a monumental occasion I made a delicious birthday cake like no other. I might even upload the recipe if there's enough interest.

The 'Piece of Resistance' however, is the much talked about Bonus Video which appears near the end. It's not in high definition (filmed on the old camera) but the catchy song Chica Me Tipo by the American band Sublime more than makes up for it.

As for the fate of the Tredia and what will take it's place when it finally passes on? Only time will tell...


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