GEET & HHO Update 67 Beetle 4-2-2010

I've tried atomized water, gasoline and oil feeds to the reactor and find that moderate amounts of oil/water mix to yield best fuel mileage with little to no ill effects. Gasoline tends to give the best mileage, but has the problem of excessive engine idle speed which was irritating. GEET reactor is 6 inches and I find that adding an excess amount of oil leads to liquid oil leaving the reactor meaning it was unable to process the volume. This limits my ability to boost mileage beyond a certain point. I've registered 57 MPG highway using gasoline through the reactor, but irritating to drive as idle ran away. Currently the oil water mix runs roughly 60% oil to 40% water and car runs remarkable well. Better than before the reactor was installed using only HHO. Mileage at 70 MPH is right at or slightly higher than 50 MPG which I consider absolutely great. Spark plugs are clean and healthy looking. I've learned a lot and next modification will be a longer reactor and some sort of butterfly system to turn down the GEET system when engine is at idle. I can't run this very aggressively since I can't shut down the GEET while engine is idling.

As I make modifications and improvements I'll post new videos. This has been very labor intensive and I hope to be able to learn enough to get it right the first time on my next vehicle.
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