GEET Inventor Paul Pantone speaks about the Corrupt Utah Courts Jan 11 2009

Inventor Paul Pantone was illegally dragged into a corrupt judicial system of Utah over three years ago. Today he is still being wrongfully held in the Utah State Hospital forensics unit (prison mental ward). Paul Pantone is a competent man with great intelligence and insight into the scientific universe. He has suffered great damage to his health from the State.

WE MUST, WE CAN, and WE WILL get Paul his freedom and remove the falsified charges against him. If the State does not cooperate, they will be forced to pay large restitutions for business interference as well as countless other damages.

LET US support the swift release of Paul Pantone so he may continue to share and explore in science.

See geet dot nl about Paul's (world-saving)invention, and frequent updates on Paul Pantone and the GEET Fuel Processor.
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