GEET Lawn mower #3

Another shot of my second version of GEET system.

This system was invented by Paul Pantone and is actually just a fuel preparation system.
As we know, combusting liquid gasoline is a poor way to get mechanical power because the gasoline does not explode instead it will just burn slowly (you will get more heat than pressure).
What we need in internal combustion engine is fuel explosion and not fuel burning.
To achieve maximum potential of gasoline, one can vaporize the fuel and further heat the vapor. If the gasoline became hot dry vapor, by mixing it with air it will produce maximum explosion.

This system consists of two parts. First part is gasoline vaporizer (the glass container or bubbler) and the second part is heat exchanger with vacuum chamber.
The gasoline vaporizer is self explanatory. The heat exchanger uses heat from exhaust gas to heat the gasoline vapor. If you build this system yourself you will find that if you heat gasoline vapor in low pressure condition (vacuum), you will get even more power from the gas.
Before we send the hot dry vapor to the combustion chamber, we need to mix the gas with fresh air.
The result is: less fuel consumption, more engine power and very clean exhaust gas.

I hope my explanation is clear enough.
For more info just click on this link: http://www.m-opensolutions.com/?p=562

GEET Lawn mower #2: https://youtu.be/Y3u8M6V6Kf0
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