Geet Project on 4hp Lawn Mower - Part 1 - Intro

Welcome, This is Ron from

I have started a Blog series on the research and experiments on the Geet Fuel Reactor from Paul Pantone, and wanted to supplement the text and photos provided on the blog with video. I am using free plans of the demonstrator model that uses a small gas lawn engine to get your feet wet and prove the concepts work.

It is as simplified as the unit can be and still show some respectable results. Most of the parts are available from the local hardware store, and will cost about $150.00 to buy new. Building skill is fairly easy to moderate that may force you to get a machine shop help you to make parts to do not have tools for.

The Goals of the project is:

1. Learning how the technology works and how it could be used practically just mowing the grass, for an example. The average small engine is 7 time more polluting than a car and there are millions out there.

2. Understanding small engine construction and repair. New skills are all ways handy.

3. To evaluate the possibility of up sizing the design for electrical generation or even a car engine.

As I go along I will share my experience and hope to help someone else go farther than me. Adding to the global bank of knowledge collectively.
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