Gem Electric Vehicles Plug In Global Electric Motorcars

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Global Electric Motorcars, a Chrysler company, has been in operation for ten years. Located in Fargo, North Dakota, Global Electric Motorcars manufactured its first vehicle in April 1998, a 48-volt GEM car that accommodated two passengers and had a top speed of 20 mph. Less than two months later, a significant breakthrough occurred in the market as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) designated a new class of motor vehicle, the low-speed vehicle, also known as the Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV). The low-speed vehicle class allowed GEM cars to be driven on public roads if they met certain safety criteria such as having safety belts, headlamps, windshield wipers, and safety glass. GEM cars always come equipped with these safety features making them a benchmark in the industry.

GEM battery-electric vehicles not only represent a relatively new vehicle in an emerging market segment, but also a new and growing brand within the Chrysler family. Just like Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep®, or many of the other well-established brands in the company's portfolio, GEM stands for innovation and leadership.

Global Electric Motorcars aims to establish its brand presence both as the maker of the top-selling NEV in the market and the purveyor of one of the smartest solutions to traffic congestion and air quality problems yet to be introduced. The solution: zero-emissions personal transportation that is well integrated with traditional alternative transportation choices such as mass transit and carpooling.

GEM models are sophisticated yet simple. They represent a new kind of personal transportation, that expands the capacity to have fun. They represent a versatile and efficient way to get the job done, as well as a clean way to do everyday work. GEM cars harness and put to work the power of silence.

Today, Global Electric Motorcars remains committed to maintaining its leadership position in the NEV market with product improvements, innovations, and offerings. Currently, GEM cars are available in six unique models and are seen in cities, master planned communities, universities and colleges, industrial complexes, security companies, airports, and resorts throughout the world. Looking to the future, Global Electric Motorcars is strategically positioned within the Chrysler family to aid in the company's continuing efforts and commitment to developing, producing, and selling the world's most environmentally-friendly vehicles.
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