Gene Basler's VAWT Bicycle Wind Turbine Prototype Design Part 1

http://www.wideworldoftrees.com Please also see www.windynation.com from whose ebay store I bought the arbor, jaluther (youtube channel), another guy who thought to put a bike on its side--two years before me. Also hydropowertube (youtube channel) from whom I got the idea to use 5-gallon buckets cut lengthwise. As a recap, I'm looking for a generator, and a way to affix a skateboard wheel to the generator hub, a better mount than these wobbly sawhorses, and of course better blades that might offer less resistance on the backside of the spin. leave a comment or leave a voicemail at my voicemail hotline 262-724-6701 (ANARCHOS01). I am generously accepting donations of a suitable generator like an Ametek. I assume it needs to be low-RPM. The back tire is only spinning about 100 RPM in what I would consider moderate winds. A better set of blades could probably improve that, but then there'll be the added resistance of the alternator/skateboard wheel once we get there.
  • roquemanuelsarda@gmail.com

    Hello, from Patagonia Argentina, Balsa Las Perlas, 39°00´03" south 68°07´27" west. I like your solution. God God. You can use 6 gallons,