Generator 3300W running 100% hydrogen from aluminum waste

This is my setup for producing electricity from aluminum waste.
I produce hydrogen by the oxidation of aluminum in presence of NaOH and water. With this setup it take me about 20-30 min to fill up the bag like is show in the video and about 1 can + 1 small foil pan and, furthermore I have a lot of losses in my system because of the necessity to disconnect the production from the bag to run the generator. I haven't done any modifications on the generator, just connected my homemade "hydrogen carburetor" direct before the genuine carburetor (With some duck tape in this video) and all the fuel tank was removed. Zero toxic emmision from the engine, just hot air with water vapor. By doing the oxidation of aluminum you also contribute to the detoxication of the earth, because you take some AL wich is toxic for life and turn it into aluminum oxide wich is, this one, completely natural. Or you can also remake aluminum from it with the Hall–Héroult process.
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