Generator running only on ultrasonic gasoline mist

This is my easy setup for upgrade fuel consumption on generator. It's made with an ultrasonic fogger bought from ebay (10$). For starting the generator I use my home electricity (will be battery soon) to produce enough mist to start the generator and I replug the fogger on generator and start it! After this the generator produce the little 12W to run the ultrasonic fogger and 500W load or more. You need to put about 20% gasoline and 80% water for a good vaporization process. You need water because the ultrasonic fogger is tuned at the frequency of water so you need water to convert this energy to gasoline, I'm not sure how it works but it works! The level of gasoline is critic to have a good mist production, this is why the generator stop without using all the gasoline. Fuel burn much better in mist form and fuel combustion is much more fully and it takes more power from it instead of produce big quantity of pollution.
Now I will upgrade my air intake for control the air/fuel ratio and work on a better system with long autonomy to try to improve economy more. I will make an another video on it soon...
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