generator test 24 engine running on hho

here is the first oil change, after around 30 total hours running, about 50/50 gas hho.

HHO H2o Hydrogen Oxygen Electrolyzer stan meyer steam hoh injection mpg fuel economy hho ebn pwm pulse

width modulator mosfet current hho regulated electronic diy cell hho alternate energy smack john deere ice

i.c.e. honda mileage hoh booster hybrid electric car solar power science fair geet electromagnetic ou

overunity over unity gas hoh hydroxy water hho waterforgas zerofossilfuel fossilfuel fossil smartscarecrow

allgoodautomation pulsefuelnerd hoh d3adp00l johnarrons arrons bob boyce engine hho joe joecell hoh

brown's browns oxyhydrogen hoh pfn d3 zero ssc hoh plasma coldfusion hho cold fusion hoh free freeenergy

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