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Geoclip install on a geothermal system Geo Clip water furnace

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The GeoClip™ is used to position the u-bend pipes of a vertical heat exchanger at the borehole wall and is designed to separate the pipes as far apart as possible. By achieving these objectives, you have installed a vertical heat exchanger with the highest heat transfer rate possible for that location, pipe size, grouting material, borehole size and depth.

Problems associated with a standard vertical heat exchanger installation:

Low Thermal Conductivity Grout: Most state regulations require using a bentonite based grout to seal the borehole. This bentonite based backfill has a very low thermal conductivity (or low heat transfer rate). Because the u-bend pipes are embedded in this insulating material, a deeper borehole must be drilled to achieve the required energy exchange with the earth.

U-bend Pipe Energy Interaction: In a standard installation, the u-bend pipes are typically close to each other or even touching each other within the borehole. When the u-bend pipes are close together, they interfere with each other's ability to exchange energy with the surrounding soil. This effect also requires vertical heat exchanger depths to be longer than necessary.

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