"Georgina" Electric Boat Conversion

"Georgina" Electric Boat Conversion - www.zelectric.com.au
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Boat Specifications:
Huon Pine 21ft sheltered water motor launch (1938)
Fully Renovated by The Wooden Boat Centre Tasmania
Hull Speed ~6kts - Cruise Speed 5kts for 6hrs

Electric Conversion
Conversion by Zelectric Air Land & Sea (ZelectricALS Pty Ltd)
Motenergy ME-0709, brushed DC, 5kW ~3000rpm
Demonstrated 5kts at 1kW, 6.2kts at 5kW
Lithium-Ferric-Phosphate LiFePO4 cells
3.2V cells, 16 series array, 130Ah, ~50V @ 100A = 5kW max

For more information on the conversion and the ZelectricALS Battery Management System contact David Warren at david@zelectric.com.au
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