Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Welcome to Ingram's Water and Air Equipment! We will introduce you to geothermal systems and technology, with which you could enjoy the natural warmness of the earth for your home heating and cooling purposes, and do so very economically. Geothermal heat pumps are environmentally friendly, using the earth's even temperature and renewable energy as the source for controlling heating and air conditioning.

Unlike a conventional system, geothermal pump systems mainly utilize the earth's warmth for heating and cooling your home. One of the prime benefits associated with its usage is that it helps to lower energy consumption and reduce costs by up to 50%. An added benefit to a geothermal system is that there is no need for separate equipment in order to cool your home. Prolonged operating intervals, gradual and even distribution of heat, zero greenhouse gas emissions, and improved interior comfort are the other significant benefits of using geothermal systems.

Let us see how a geothermal system works! The system extracts heat from the ground during winter and puts it back into the ground during summer.
For the functioning of all types of geothermal systems, three major components are necessary: ground loop, a heat pump furnace unit, and a distribution system.

The ground loop system involves a chain of high density polyethylene pipes, all of which are buried in the home's yard, and its primary function is to collect heat from soil underneath the frost line. Depending upon your home and yard's size, the ground system loop is available in four different configurations: horizontal closed loop, vertical closed loop, and lake or pond closed loop.

Open loop systems are the simplest. Used successfully for decades, ground water is drawn from an aquifer through one well, passes through the heat pump's heat exchanger, and is discharged to the same aquifer through a second well at a distance from the first. Generally, two to three gallons per minute per ton of capacity are necessary for effective heat exchange. Since the temperature of ground water is nearly constant throughout the year, open loops are a popular option in areas where they are permitted.

The heat extracted from the earth is then transferred to the heat furnace unit, which is located within your home. With the help of the distribution system, this heat reaches the interior of your home. When needed to cool your home, the system reverses, taking the heat out of the air in your home and distributing it through the loop system back into the ground.

Geothermal heat pump is a proven technology which evidence is its more than one million users from across the world that use it as a reliable, cost effective option for comfortable home cooling and heating purposes year-round.

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