Geothermal upgrades and modifications

After two years of geothermal heat-pump usage, I learned a thing or two. During the cold part of winter 2013-2014 I found out I did not have sufficient thermal capacity (pipe in the ground) for my system. I had ice starting to form on my outgoing pipes. I added 1200ft of 3/4" pipe giving me a total of 3000ft of slinky loops at 7 to 8 feet in depth below surface of earth. I also added a SecureStart to my unit.The SecureStart is designed to reduce inrush current to the compressor. For instance if you notice the lighting in your home dim or blink at the same moment the heat-pump powers on.....SecureStart can help with that. It also provides protection during low voltage or brown out conditions. I would highly recommend it.
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