GE's Clean Cycle generator transforms waste heat into electricity

Every day, heat is released into the atmosphere from boilers, generators, exhaust stacks, ovens and kilns in industries such as waste management and processing, metals, mining, lime and oil. GE's Clean Cycle 125 kW heat-to-power generator can turn that heat into reliable, base-load electricity. The conversion process, called the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), generates no additional emissions and requires no additional fuel ... just heat.

GE's Clean Cycle generator suits a variety of industries including oil & gas downstream/refining; waste management (wastewater and landfill); food and beverage, and pulp and paper. See how GE's Clean Cycle generator takes waste heat from a Jenbacher gas engine running on landfill gas and transforms it into additional electricity.

GE's Clean Cycle heat-to-power generator can generate electricity from a wide range of small-scale heat recovery applications including:

• Reciprocating engines
• Biomass boilers
• Turbines
• Exhaust streams with greater than 600 kW
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